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Intro to Fly Fishing 

​Advanced Lessons

​​​​If you are just beginning to fly fish or need to touch up on the basics this is a great class.  After attending this class, you will be ready to go out on your own and hook fish.  You will learn casting technique, choosing your equipment, how to tie the knots you will use and entomology and flies to use.  The class is kept small and held on Saturdays .

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We also offer private beginning classes.

If you need help with your casting- accuracy, distance, technique- what ever your needs might be let Frank Selby FFI certified advanced instructor help you reach your goals. 

 Call and book a private class with him. 

Surf Classes:

This class is designed to teach you how to enjoy fly fishing our costal surf.  Learn to read the water, species identification, understanding tides and using the right equipment, casting technique, line control and which fly patterns to use in the surf.  Call for scheduling.  Private and group classes.

Freshwater Local and Destination Classes

All day freshwater classes are taught, group and private.  

Fly Tying Classes:

Group fly tying lessons are help on the second Thursday of the month.  Alternating monthly between freshwater and saltwater tying classes, you will learn basic patterns and techniques to allow you to tie many flies.  Grace Kellogg, pro tier is your instructor.

Private fly tying classes:

Learn to tie the flies you fish with.  Work with instructor pro tier Grace Kellogg to chose the flies you would like to learn to tie.  Call for scheduling.